Travel Experiences & Key Award

Youth who attended the New Horizons trip to Colorado in 2019

Explore the world through 4-H and expand your horizons! In order to be eligible for awards and/or to receive funding for educational travel experiences through the Fond du Lac County Adult Leaders Association, you must turn in a complete application by September 15th and interview in late September. Applying for funding does not guarantee you a spot on the educational travel experience. Also, any 4-H member can register for an educational travel experience, regardless if they’ve received partial funding or not.

Summer Academy – June in Madison 

Youth attend this four-day educational event in Madison. Participants take part in seminars and assemblies and meet people from across Wisconsin.
  • Grades 7-10
  • Approx. cost is $350 

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American Spirit Experience – June; East Coast

40 youth from neighboring counties participate in this nine day experience where they are immersed into America’s history in the eastern states.
  • Grades 8-10
  • Approx. cost is $1,400

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Citizenship Washington Focus – June or July in Washington D.C.

This week long event focuses on educating youth on citizenship while visiting many sites of interest in our nation’s capitol.
  • Grades 10-12 or age 15 by date of trip
  • Approx. cost is $1,480

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National 4-H Congress – Late November in Atlanta, Georgia

Delegates participate in self development seminars, tours, and a service project, while exchanging ideas with youth from across the nation.
  • Grades 10-12
  • Approx. cost is $1,550 

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National 4-H Conference – April in Washington D.C.

Six youth are selected from WI to attend this working conference held at National 4-H Center.  Each participant selects and issue and works with other youth from across the country to develop plans to help direct future 4-H programming
  • Grades 10-12
  • 1 delegate selected from the county must go through final selection at state level
  • Approx. cost is $1,300 (WI 4-H Foundation  & Fond du Lac County 4-H Adult Leader Ass”n. sponsor part of the cost)

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International 4-H Travel Opportunities

Wisconsin 4-H challenges youth to become global citizens by offering international homestays and hosting experiences. You could travel to Japan, Australia, Norway, Mexico, or Costa Rica! You could also have an intercultural experience by hosting a foreign exchange student. If you are interested in learning more about any of these opportunities, visit Wisconsin 4-H International Programs online.

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