Towns of Waupun, Springvale, & Chester Water Sampling Results

The Towns of Waupun, Springvale, (Fond du Lac County) and Chester (Dodge County) participated in a well-sampling program with UW-Extension in November 2008.

88 households sampled wells, and 68 people attended the informational program. Most results were typical for this region of the state. 20% of samples came back positive for coliform bacteria, but no E. Coli detected in any wells. 13% of wells sampled had elevated nitrate levels, but only one well exceeded the safe drinking water standard for nitrates. Surprisingly, arsenic was detected in 65% of the wells that were sampled for it, and 5 wells had arsenic levels over the safe drinking water standard. This knowledge about arsenic is particularly helpful since there is not a good understanding of where arsenic naturally occurs. Knowing that arsenic is found in some wells in the southwest part of the county will help us better prepare residents for avoiding and minimizing water contamination and health risks.

Sampling Results with Maps, November 2008 (PDF, 61 pgs)


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