Veggie Bites available at the local Farmers Market

Veggie Bites is a series of highlighted fruits, vegetables, and herbs offered weekly at the Fond du Lac Farmers Market. Veggies Bites include fun facts, history, harvesting, storage tips, and recipes. The Veggie Bites publications began in Polk County Extension. Amanda Miller, with help from Kelly Lamb, redesigned and expanded the publication series.

Veggie Bites are available in both hard copy at the farmers market booth and by following the farmers market social media page. Veggie Bites are placed at the booth of farmers with the specific produce item highlighted, to help promote the sales of healthy foods.

Amanda Miller and the local farmers market have collaborated for 6 years to offer the Veggie Bites series, which have become very popular to market customers. Some farmers market customers make the Veggie Bites a weekly family event – they bring their children to the market, find the weekly Veggie Bites publication, purchase the highlighted produce item, and then return home to make the recipe on the brochure as a family.

Veggie Bites are located at:

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