Recycle Old, Broken String Lights

Christmas lightsWondering what to do with your broken, tangled strings of lights from last year? There are several places you can take them for proper disposal and recycling in the area.


String Light Recycling Options

*American Auto Iron & Metalunscrew large bulbs, such as size of thumb.  Located at:  W6811 County Trunk OOO, Fond du Lac.  Phone:  923-6602

*Aronson’swire only (remove bulb)  Located at:  513 Fond du Lac St., Waupun. Phone:  324-2209

Goodwill – Located at:  904 S. Main St., Fond du Lac.  Phone:  923-5246

Habitat for Humanity (Restore) – Don’t have to remove bulbs. Located at:  65 W Scott St, Fond du Lac.  Phone:  921-2893

*Ironman MetalsPhone:  920/210-7000 – Waupun for nearest pick-up or drop-off location.  Don’t have to remove bulbs.

Lowe’s – Located at:  1075 N. Washburn St., Oshkosh.  Phone:  232-7423 (Through the month of December only)

*Marcoe’swire only (remove bulbs)  Located at:  232 Morris Circle, Fond du Lac (near Pioneer). Phone:  929-8666  (5 cents per pound)

*Packer Street Recyclingwire only preferred.  Located at:  239 Packer St., Fond du Lac. (off of West Arndt) Phone:  921-3118  (5 cents per pound or 50 cents per pound if you remove bulbs)

*Sadoff Iron & Metal – Don’t have to remove bulbs.  Located at:  240 W Arndt,  Fond du Lac. Phone:  921-2070  20 cents per pound.

 *Customers will be reimbursed a small amount per pound for the wires.

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