COVID-19 4-H Resources: 4-H Fridays

Physical distancing continues to prevent the spread of COVID-19, requiring the Fond du Lac County 4-H program to cancel or postpone all in-person programs through the end of June. To keep the 4-H youth and volunteers active, Tracy has communicated through weekly emails and social media for community service and educational opportunities.  Many clubs participated as individual families in the roadside cleanup, planting trees, planting flowers or plants, and maintaining flowerbeds to name some community outreach.

As a result of the weekly communication, Tracy developed a series of educational resources through newsletters, called “4-H Fridays.”  This resource provides educational materials on various 4-H projects to provide guidance to youth for hands-on learning. These topics vary from aerospace to gardening, cooking, and more. Each newsletter features three project resources for the youth to try out at home. While trying to get a variety of project areas Tracy also focused on some of the county’s larger projects such as Arts and Crafts, Photography, Foods and Nutrition, and Swine just to name a few. If you’re not already receiving Fond du Lac County’s 4-H Fridays, take a minute to add yourself to our mailing list.  Not only does 4-H Fridays include project resources but it covers timely news for 4-H youth and volunteers, upcoming events, innovative ideas, and more. Check out all the previous 4-H Friday Newsletters here!

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